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Stagecoach 2019: How do I update my shipping address?

Your credentials are automatically mailed to the billing address of the card you used at the time of purchase unless you state otherwise. If you would like to change your shipping address after your order is processed, you may do so by following these steps: 

1. Visit the festival's main website by clicking HERE

2. Select the "Buy Passes" icon in the middle left of the screen, and you will be directed to the shopping cart page. 

2. Once on the shopping cart page, click on "My Account" and log into your account. 

 3. The first thing you will see once signed in to your account will be your orders page. 

4. Select the corresponding order that you wish to update your shipping information. You can use the order number or date of purchase as reference.

5. Once you have selected the correct order, you will be presented with the image below. 

6. The next step will be to select the "Delivery" option. Here you will be able to update your account information to your desired shipping address.

7. Once you have entered the correct information all that is left to do is select the "Update Shipping Address" Icon. 











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