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COACHELLA: How do I activate/register my wristband?

 You've received your credentials in the mail. Hooray! Next step is registering and activating them before you get to the festival.


1. Navigate to the festival's wristband registration page by clicking HERE. You will be able to activate your wristband by logging in (or creating an account if you haven't already) and registering your wristband to the weekend you are attending.

PLEASE NOTE: A Coachella Account allows you to choose your lineup, activate your wristband, and post on the Coachella message board.

A Account is not your ticket purchase account and it will not recognize the login you used to purchase passes unless you happen to use the same login for both websites. The websites are not related and do not talk to each other.



2. After logging into your account, you will need to choose which weekend your wristband is before activating it. Then, enter your first and last name, as well as the 6-letter character code on the top line of the backside of your wristband saddle. You will have to lift the wristband away from the backside of the wristband saddle to view the 6-letter character code. Hit Submit after filling out the three fields to complete the activation process.






And lo and behold, your wristband is registered! Congratulations!



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