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Coachella 2019: Why was my one of my orders cancelled?

Order cancellations can occur for one of two reasons.

  • The order was on the payment plan and was not paid within the 10-day window (more details in our Help Center HERE)
  • The order contained passes that went past the pass limit for Coachella
    • If your order was cancelled for being over the pass limit, refunds will process within 3-5 business days after your cancellation processes.
    • This also applies to multiple passes purchased in hotel/Lake Eldorado packages, see below.

Stipulations for pass limit restrictions agreed upon at time of purchase are as follows (and can be found on the Coachella website HERE)

  • The pass limit is 2 total (of any combination other than with hotel packages or Lake Eldorado 4 person tents)
  • Going over the limit in any combination of orders/passes is subject to order cancellation at anytime without notice. *(not talking about 4 person packages)
  • Any additional passes purchased alongside a hotel package/Lake Eldorado tent are subject to cancellation
  • Yes you may buy 2 passes for each weekend, but they must be in two separate orders.
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