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How do I update my shipping address?

The shipping address of your order may be adjusted at any time before the festival, as long as:

  • Your order has not already shipped
  • The festival is still shipping passes AND allowing shipping address updates

***If you purchased through LYTE or another official third party where you did not make and account, please hit 'forgot password' and you will be able to have a link sent to the email address you purchased those tickets with.

Your credentials are automatically mailed to the billing address of the card you used at the time of purchase unless you state otherwise. Please note that if you need to change your shipping type (US shipping, international shipping, will call, etc.) we require a phone call. This information cannot be edited on your account due to a difference in shipping fees.


If you would like to change your shipping address after your order is processed, you may do so by following these steps: 


Navigate to the website of the festival for which you purchased tickets, and act as if you were going to purchase tickets. This will vary depending on the website, but once you reach the shopping cart the steps are identical.

1. Visit the festival's shopping cart and click on My Account


2. Enter the information you used when you originally purchased your order, whether it be via email or Facebook, and click "Log In."


3. After logging in, you will see your order history. Click the arrow next to your order.


4. Click on the Delivery tab, and fill out your shipping information. Don't forget to click the update button at the bottom to finalize your information!


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