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How do I register my wristband?

You've received your credentials in the mail. Hooray! Next step is registering and activating them before you get to the festival.

1. Navigate to the festival's wristband registration page. Registration will be embedded in the festival's website, and will NOT always look exactly like the screenshot below.

2. Enter the Credential ID located on the underside of the RFID badge. Hover over the info icon on the left to see an example of a Credential ID.

3. Either register by using your email address and personal information OR log in with Facebook. Only one (1) email address OR one (1) Facebook account can be associated to each credential.

If logging in with Facebook, ensure the browser’s pop-up blocker is disabled for the duration of this process and follow the Facebook prompts to complete your credential registration.

4. If logging in using your personal information, complete all required fields and click on “Register”.

You will receive an email with your registration account password shortly after.

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