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My card is being declined, how can I process my order?

If your card is being declined while checking out or updating your payment plan method, try processing the order with a different credit card. If another form of payment yields the same results, contact your bank and verify that all of the card information is up to date and that they are not blocking your purchase. 

Specific error codes:

DEC & E00027 - General decline: This error can occur if there are not enough funds present in the account, if the bank is blocking the transaction, or if the card is no longer active. Please try another card or contact your bank if this error occurs.

CVC, CVD & CVV - Security Code Error: This error occurs when the security code on your card is not entered correctly. For Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, the security code will be located on the back of the card. For AMEX, the security code is located on the front of the card. Please verify that the security code on your card is entered correctly. 

AVS,ADX & AVX - Billing Address Mismatch: This error occurs when the billing address on your card does not match the address you entered. Please verify that the billing address you entered online matches the billing address on file with your bank

EXP - Expiration Error: This error occurs when the expiration date on your card is not entered correctly. Please verify that the expiration date on your card is entered correctly. If you are selecting a payment plan and the card expires before the final payment is due, the card may be rejected on this basis.
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