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My order was sent to an incorrect address. How will I receive it?

We understand that life happens, and it can be easy to forget certain things like updating shipping addresses. Not to fear! You have a few options for receiving your tickets.

1. Check with the local post office that is handling the delivery of your package. USPS makes the final delivery through UPS MI (a hybrid shipping method using UPS and USPS), so they are the most likely to be able to help. Sometimes orders are held for a certain period of time before they are returned to the sender. The post office may be able to reroute your package for you.


2. If your package is unretrievable, you can also switch your order to Will Call. Will Call sets your order to be picked up at the festival's box office upon arrival. The account holder will need to bring a valid government issued photo ID, the credit card used for purchase, and your order number for reference. Your order number is located in the subject line of the Order Confirmation sent to your email at the time of purchase.

Please note that Will Call switches are final and irreversible so we recommend holding off until you are certain that you won't be able to receive your order. If you would like to switch to Will Call, please CLICK HERE to select your festival and contact us directly.


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